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The love that never ends

Do you believe in coincidences? I do but for me a coincidence can be a God-incident. On Thursday, two things happened which got me thinking how a coincidence becomes a God-incident. I woke up on Thursday morning with an old Christian chorus going on in my mind. (Click the image below to here the song) […]

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Recovering from Burnout

I have had many varied experiences in my life but burnout has probably been the worst experience of my life, even more difficult to cope with than the death of my parents or the challenges of parenting. I have been in pastoral leadership for 25 years and most of that time I have found ministry […]

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My New Year Resolutions….What are yours?

Every year, on January the first, many people  make unfathomable resolutions ranging from  changing themselves, changing others or changing the world. Since this is a tradition practiced by people of different times and place, I have decided to keep this practice by coming up with my New Year resolutions. If you are going to read […]

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A personal experience – Taken from my research essay on Lament

Life is full of storms. These storms are unavoidable. When these storms arise, there is a strong desire to get out of the storms as quickly as possible. Prayers asking God to provide a quick fix becomes the norm. However, not all storms let up with these quick fix prayers. There are many storms where […]

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Why I can never be a fundamentalist…

Can we truly understand the mind of God when we read the Bible? As a Christian I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. It is God’s revelation of His will and purpose for my life. That same Bible tells me something about God’s thought and my thoughts in Isaiah 55: 8-9. […]

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My Theology of Research – for those who are interested in knowing

When I prepare my message series or research on theological issues, my aim is to take theology from an abstract discipline to one that changes one’s values and practice. The study of God, if only a theory, would mean nothing to an ordinary person living in the world. Dan Browning, Professor of Religion and Psychological […]

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Don’t make me an extremist!

Whilst I was at school and later in the military, I had many friends who were Muslims. I enjoyed hanging with them and we could talk on any subject and still leave as friends. Whilst in Australia, I spent a month working with Middle-eastern Muslims in Sydney. They were very hospitable and peace-loving people and […]

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My relationship with Facebook

I am a very keen user of Facebook. People use social media for various reasons. For me It’s about sharing my life as a husband, father, Christ-follower, pastor and a servant of the community. I use Facebook, blogs and other media to share my life – my highs and lows; ups and downs; joys and […]

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Why do I torture myself by making New Year Resolutions that I know I won’t keep? Every year I decide to lose weight, join a gym, become a better person, eat healthily, take rest seriously and every year I set myself up to fail. If I am to keep my New Year Resolutions for 2014, […]

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Finding Work-Rest Balance

I was first challenged to think about work-rest balance in my life a few years ago when I was doing some research for a series of messages I was going to give on “Balancing Life”. It was interesting to see in the Bible that the Jewish day actually starts at sunset when the extended family […]

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