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A Game we all Play

Do you know there is one game that most people, if not all people, are good at? It’s a game where there are no winners and everyone actually loses in the end. This game has been around ever since human beings walked on this earth. Can you think what that game is? Go on, give […]

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The Journey through Grief

I spoke to a friend this week who had experienced a loss of a loved one. I asked her how has things been and tears welled up in her eyes as she said it had been hard. It broke my heart to see my friend suffering from the pain of grief. Losing a treasured loved […]

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Will the real me stand up!

I am writing this blog in Cambodia. As I look out of the window in the lounge of the apartment I am in, I see a passenger boat gently moving along the beautiful river which the apartment overlooks. Phnom Penh is situated at the confluence of three rivers, the mighty Mekong, the Bassac and the […]

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Developing True Friendships

The other day, someone shared with me how a person whom she works with is constantly bringing up issues about her and keeps reminding her how she needs to change. This person finds it hard to tell her work colleague to back off because she is a friend and she does not want to hurt […]

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Do we keep our identity in Heaven?

This past week I had a very fascinating lunch with two sisters whose mother passed away recently from cancer. At one stage, the doctors had given their mum 24 hours to live as she was in a very bad state. However, she survived and even came back home. She shared a story to her family […]

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How Important is Christian Unity?

How important should Christian unity be? This past week that question has been on my mind. We would all agree that unity is a biblical concept and Jesus prayed that his disciples would be one (John 17: 23). How high a priority should be given to Christian unity and should it be above other aspects […]

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O Love that will not let me go

I am presently away on holiday in Singapore. My main reason for going to Singapore was to celebrate my aunt’s 89th birthday and to also help create a memorial with my uncle’s ashes. My aunt and I had a conversation a month or so ago about what she wanted to do with my uncle’s ashes […]

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Tithing Made Simple

At my life group gathering on Wednesday, we had a very interesting discussion on tithing. Having explained my biblical understanding of tithing, my group encouraged me to preach on this at church. I probably will when people come back from their holidays but I thought I might share briefly my understanding of tithing in this […]

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Living a Christ-focused Life

In the early 1990’s when I just started out pastoring my first church, I was praying about what God’s calling and mission for me was in ministry. In my prayer time that morning I was reading Exodus 18 where Moses’ father-in-law was visiting Moses and his family.  In Exodus 18: 19-20, Jethro advised Moses, “Now […]

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Having a Godly Self-Image

For the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to sit with different people and hear their life story. Some of these stories are sad and upsetting, others are horrendous. As I listened to these stories and asked some questions, I got a glimpse of the image these people have of themselves. Their self-image […]

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