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The One, the Three and the Many: God, Creation and the Culture of Modernity – A Book Review

Colin Gunton is the professor of Christian Doctrine at King’s College in London and has written or edited a number of books on doctrine. In “The One, the Three and the Many”, a book based on his 1992 Bampton Lectures, Colin Gunton sets out to discuss the relationship Christian theology has played in the development […]

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A Community Called Atonement

Many theologians have attempted to address the doctrine of atonement and deal with any inherent weaknesses found in that doctrine. McKnight however, in his book A Community Called Atonement, builds a doctrine of atonement where the church, rather than the individual, becomes the central focus of atonement. This makes his thesis stunningly different from other […]

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The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited

We live in a world where the understanding of the gospel has been defined by the traditional model of evangelism in which the focus has been on making decisions rather than allowing people to experience the gospel before submitting to the Lordship of Christ. New Testament Professor, Scot McKnight, takes a brave step in his […]

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Evangelism after Christendom – A Book Review

As Christianity continues to decline in New Zealand, I have been spending time reflecting on what it means to be salt and light in a post-Christian society. Stone, in his book, Evangelism after Christendom, explores what Christian witness could look like in post-Christendom. I chose this book to see if Stone offers anything to the […]

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How should the church function in a post-Christian world?

Fitch and Holsclaw introduces the missional journey to churches by discussing ten signposts to guide them on this journey. These signposts come out of their own ministry experience in leading a church in mission in a post-Christianised world. The authors, dissatisfied with the missional attempts of the left-leaning Emergent Movement and the right-leaning Neo-reformed Movement, […]

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McKenzie’s Approach to Biblical Interpretation

In his book, How to Read the Bible – History, Prophecy, Literature, McKenzie says that to understand the Bible, one needs to be aware of the genre. He writes a chapter on each of the genre – history, prophecy, wisdom, apocalyptic and epistles. As he introduces each genre, McKenzie explains misconceptions on what the genre […]

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Lindbeck’s Approach to Theological Interpretation

In his book, The Nature of Doctrine: Religion and Theology in a Postliberal Age, Lindbeck introduces what he views as a more suitable approach to theology which he calls a cultural-linguistic approach to religion. For Lindbeck, this book came out of a growing dissatisfaction in the usual approaches to doctrine. The two approaches he was […]

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