My top ten pleasures in life

My top ten pleasures in life

I am sitting here in my lounge, enjoying a cup of coffee, knowing that I have a day ahead of me not having to do anything. A rare moment for me. This has got me thinking about the pleasures of life. They say the best things in life are free. Is that true? This has led me to list what I find pleasurable in life. Here is my top ten.

1.Knowing I can go to sleep without having to wake up early
I am not talking about the actual sleeping but the feeling I get when I crash on my bed knowing that I don’t have any pressing issues to focus on the next day. I start drifting into semiconsciousness and that feeling is great. I think we take this drifting stage for granted. We need to enjoy that bit more!

2. Hanging out with my family
Next to God, my family is the most precious thing to me. I enjoy family time. Even though we are at the stage of life where the whole family don’t spend time together as much as we used to, it is still great going out with my wife or my kids. Its special having those movie nights and or carrying out family rituals.

3. The first sip of a good cup of coffee
I am sure that coffee is one of the most drunk beverage in the world. I have discovered the pleasure that comes from sipping my daily morning ritual of a warm cup of coffee. I started drinking coffee at a very young age when my dad made the whole family a cup of coffee every morning. Having the first sip is so invigorating.

4. Finding money I never realised I had
Have you experienced the joy of checking the pockets of your trousers before putting it to the wash and finding a $20 note? Or you were cleaning your drawers and find a $50 dollar voucher somebody gave you for your birthday and you forgot about it? All of a sudden your heart jumps for joy and you start planning how you will spend it. I love it!

5. Reminiscing the good old days with mates
I have heaps of friends on Facebook that I have shared my growing up years with. Often in conversations with them I am reminded of some of the crazy things we did in our younger days. Or I enjoy the times when I go back to Singapore or visit some friends from the past and we sit and have a good old chat about the past. The pleasures that I get from reminiscing is indescribable. Memories are truly a gift to hold on to.

6. People-gazing
I love sitting in the mall and observing people walking by in every direction possible. Some walk fast, others walk slow. Some walk alone, others in a group. Some are young and some are old. Some have a mischievous look; some have a serious look. Everyone has a reason to be at the mall and its great feeling working out why they are there.

7. The feeling that comes from helping others
When I help someone through a situation or an issue and see them being blessed through it, gives me deep satisfaction. It feels good when you see relief or gratitude on the face of people.

8. Knowing that I am up to date with all my tasks
I have just finished a task and I look at my “To Do” List and find there is nothing left to do. This is such a rare event that I just feel like jumping up and shouting (in a dignified manner). I know new tasks will arise but at this moment in time I can just sit and feel relaxed and happy.

9. Having a hilarious chat with others
Laughter is really the best medicine. Its great when you have a good old belly laugh with friends. These moments are almost sacred because It just raises your mood and leave you feeling positive.

10. Receiving unexpected words of encouragement
It’s so refreshing when I am having an ordinary day doing routine and mundane stuff and feeling sorry for myself, and I get a phone call from someone saying how they appreciate what I had done for them. Or I get a lovely postcard from a stranger who was blessed by the way I did the funeral for their relative. Or like the other day when I was at my office and an older lady who comes to one of our social activities calls me a young, handsome man. That’s enough to get me walking on cloud nine.

So what are your pleasures in life? 🙂

2 Comments on “My top ten pleasures in life

  1. Hi Chris lovely to read the above. We need to slow down and think about the many ,often times, small ‘blessings’ or gifts of pleasure we have in our lives. There’s a party game of a box of cards with questions on it – one question was “Which luxury would you least like to give up?” I had to then think which are the luxuries in my life? I didn’t count coffee as a luxury, you’ll be pleased to know! Stephanie

    • Thanks Stephanie for your comments. Yes its true that we often forget the little blessings. And I am so pleased that you don’t count coffee as a luxury. 🙂

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