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How to shipwreck your faith?

Churches are meant to be a community where the people of God grow and flourish. However on a regular basis, churches are seeing people leave the church and some even leaving the Christian faith. Over the years, these people have received a great deal of ministry and have been involved in serving within the church. But […]

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Who decides who is in or out?

Both John MacArthur and Mark Driscoll have written books that present different visions of what biblical Christianity looks like. If you read “Strange Fire” and “A Call for Resurgence”, you can’t help wonder if these church leaders are batting for the same team. And yet they are. Having differing points of view doesn’t stop John […]

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A Crisis of Faith….

Joy, my wife, sent me an article to read when she heard that my message this Sunday was on handling crisis of faith. It was placed on the Bible society website ( and it was written by Joel Hollier, a student at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. He and his family had lost their home […]

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Where are you God?

As I watched Campbell Live this evening in Auckland, I am reminded of the many people in Christchurch who are wondering how long do they have to keep crying out for justice. People have asked me many times over the past 3 years if God really cares. You cant help but see it everyday in […]

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Degrees of Immorality?

Are their degrees of immorality? That’s what I have been thinking over the past day. Right wing bloggers and media have been focusing quite a bit on Len Brown and his affair. Yes, Brown did wrong and I feel for his family. However Len Brown has admitted the affair and now has to work this […]

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Holy Spirit – a strange fire?

John MacArthur, influential author and pastor of Grace Community Church, has organised a very controversial conference which end this week. Its interesting hearing some of the messages online. The theme of the conference is called “Strange Fire” and the conference is an attack on the charismatic movement. The speakers at this conference are far right […]

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Stoning the immoral…..

How should I as a follower of Christ react when someone in public office gets caught in a moral misconduct? The past couple of days, Len Brown, the Mayor of Auckland, has been in the news. His action has not only caused embarrassment and pain to himself, but to his family as well. His integrity […]

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Why would anyone want to be a pastor?

According to the New York Times (August 1, 2010), pastors are suffering from obesity, hypertension and depression at rates higher than other professions in America. In the last decade, the number of pastors taking antidepressants have increased. I am not surprised. My own doctor has insisted , almost demanded, that I take antidepressants to cope […]

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Why I am a left-leaning Christian….

When I talk about being left-leaning, I am referring to a grace-filled system of fairness and equality that the left advocates. I may not agree with every thing that is on the left-wing agenda, but I am convinced that the ideas and values I hold from my understanding of the Bible are more closely related […]

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A Ray of Hope….

Today I feel a brand new energy to continue serving the Parklands community. I am bubbling with hope having found out who has been elected to serve the Burwood-Pegasus ward in which Parklands is a part of. I am committed to do my part in serving the community of Parklands and to do my part […]

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